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April 25, 2018
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What's New at IAFF S-6
Union Meeting - Saturday 14th April 2018

Local S-6 Membership,

Please note that there is a union meeting this Saturday morning, 14th April 2018, training room at Fire Station One @ 0745 sharp. A-Shift will be going off duty and C-Shift will be coming on duty. It's YOUR union... be involoved!!!

Additionally, our newest MDA Ambassador Abby Loch and her family will be at this meeting for an informal meet-and-greet and will be joining us for breakfast afterwards. Please make it a point to join us - for the meeting and breakfast. All are welcome. Thank you!

Next union meeting... Saturday 12th May 2018. C-Shift will be going off duty and A-Shift will be coming on duty.

New MDA Ambassador Abby Loch


On Wednesday 21st March, Brian Weidemann and I attended the MDA Boot Camp event. It is with pleasure that we introduce to you Abby Loch. She will be joining us as our 2nd MDA ambassador to the Airport Fire Depratment. She is also this year’s MDA State Ambassador!

Abby is 11 years old and lives in Apple Valley with her mom (Melissa), dad (Mike) and three sisters. Her father works as the Chief Pilot for Best Jets out of hanger 8 and her mother is a Lead Teacher at Prestige Preschool Academy in Apple Valley. Abby is very excited to come and meet you all and Melissa has offered to come out and cook chili for us!

Abby has manifesting Duchenne MD. Though the disease has not affected her muscles yet, it has affected her brain development. Fortunately, it has not affected her smile either, which is huge. When I met her, she said to me, “I hope you raise enough money to cure me.” If you needed a reason to volunteer for Fill The Boot this fall, I think you now have one… and those dates are:

  • Wednesday 19th September (C-Shift)
  • Thursday 20th September (B-Shift)
  • Friday 21st September (C-Shift) 

Additionally, please mark your calendars for an end-of-the-school-year party for Abby and some of her friends. Abby and her mother are very excited about this!

Other important MDA dates:

  • MDA Muscle Walk - Saturday 5th May
  • Firefighter Day(s) at MDA Camp - Tuesday 12th June (C-Shift) and Tuesday 19th June (A-Shift).


John Hengen

Important Pension Update

Sisters & Brothers,

We need your help! As we reported to you in the most recent edition of the MPFF Monitor the Minnesota Senate has passed the Omnibus Retirement bill, however the House has yet to give the bill a hearing and move it along towards passage.

The Star Tribune recently ran an editorial calling for the House to take up and pass the bill. The article can be found here. The bottom line is that this bill puts us back on track towards full funding and continues our long-standing cooperation between the State, employees, and employers in making sure our pension is stable into the future.

Here is what we need from you: 5 minutes. That’s it. Take 5 minutes to contact your MN House representative via phone or email. If you don’t know how to contact your legislator just follow this link and put in your address.

Call or email your MN House representative and tell them that you want them to support the Omnibus Retirement Bill, and that they need to pass the bill and move it on to the governor for his signature. 

That’s it! They will know what you're talking about. You’ll most likely get a voicemail when you call but that’s fine. Go ahead and leave a message.

Thank you for your help. If we all take the time to make the call or send an email we can get this legislation over the hump!


Chris Parsons


Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters

Military TShirt Day - Thursday 29th March 2018

On this date in history...

"Two months after the signing of the Vietnam peace agreement, the last U.S. combat troops leave South Vietnam as Hanoi frees the remaining American prisoners of war held in North Vietnam. America’s direct eight-year intervention in the Vietnam War was at an end. In Saigon, some 7,000 U.S. Department of Defense civilian employees remained behind to aid South Vietnam in conducting what looked to be a fierce and ongoing war with communist North Vietnam.

In 1961, after two decades of indirect military aid, U.S. President John F. Kennedy sent the first large force of U.S. military personnel to Vietnam to bolster the ineffectual autocratic regime of South Vietnam against the communist North. Three years later, with the South Vietnamese government crumbling, President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered limited bombing raids on North Vietnam, and Congress authorized the use of U.S. troops. By 1965, North Vietnamese offensives left President Johnson with two choices: escalate U.S. involvement or withdraw. Johnson ordered the former, and troop levels soon jumped to more than 300,000 as U.S. air forces commenced the largest bombing campaign in history.

During the next few years, the extended length of the war, the high number of U.S. casualties, and the exposure of U.S. involvement in war crimes, such as the massacre at My Lai, helped turn many in the United States against the Vietnam War. The communists’ Tet Offensive of 1968 crushed U.S. hopes of an imminent end to the conflict and galvanized U.S. opposition to the war. In response, Johnson announced in March 1968 that he would not seek reelection, citing what he perceived to be his responsibility in creating a perilous national division over Vietnam. He also authorized the beginning of peace talks.

In the spring of 1969, as protests against the war escalated in the United States, U.S. troop strength in the war-torn country reached its peak at nearly 550,000 men. Richard Nixon, the new U.S. president, began U.S. troop withdrawal and “Vietnamization” of the war effort that year, but he intensified bombing. Large U.S. troop withdrawals continued in the early 1970s as President Nixon expanded air and ground operations into Cambodia and Laos in attempts to block enemy supply routes along Vietnam’s borders. This expansion of the war, which accomplished few positive results, led to new waves of protests in the United States and elsewhere.

Finally, in January 1973, representatives of the United States, North and South Vietnam, and the Vietcong signed a peace agreement in Paris, ending the direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War. Its key provisions included a cease-fire throughout Vietnam, the withdrawal of U.S. forces, the release of prisoners of war, and the reunification of North and South Vietnam through peaceful means. The South Vietnamese government was to remain in place until new elections were held, and North Vietnamese forces in the South were not to advance further nor be reinforced.

In reality, however, the agreement was little more than a face-saving gesture by the U.S. government. Even before the last American troops departed on March 29, the communists violated the cease-fire, and by early 1974 full-scale war had resumed. At the end of 1974, South Vietnamese authorities reported that 80,000 of their soldiers and civilians had been killed in fighting during the year, making it the most costly of the Vietnam War.

On April 30, 1975, the last few Americans still in South Vietnam were airlifted out of the country as Saigon fell to communist forces. North Vietnamese Colonel Bui Tin, accepting the surrender of South Vietnam later in the day, remarked, “You have nothing to fear; between Vietnamese there are no victors and no vanquished. Only the Americans have been defeated.” The Vietnam War was the longest and most unpopular foreign war in U.S. history and cost 58,000 American lives. As many as two million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed."

The next day we are able to wear our uniform military tshirt is Tuesday 8th May 2018 - marking the anniversary of victory in Europe, WWII. B-Shift will be on duty.

Saint Patrick's Day 2018

Membership, Retirees, Family & Friends,

Local S-6 would like to extend an open invitation to all to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Saint Paul this Saturday 17th March. Details:

  • 0930 - Breakfast at Mickey's Diner - 1950 7th Street West, Saint Paul, MN 55116 (the restaurant next to Famous Dave's; NOT the downtown, streetcar location).
  • 1130 - Line up for the parade with a noon start time... parade meet up and route - As in years past, we will be walking with Saint Paul Fire/Local 21.
  • Further information on the day... as well as parking information... parking map - stpaulparking

Please consider joining us for a day filled with friends, fun and good times!

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